France Slideshow

Scouting isnt just about throwing your tent up in a field and cooking sausages on an open fire, (however we do enjoy doing that.) Scout is all about learning new skills, experiencing new things, trying things your not used, making memories and most of all having adventure.

One of the biggest adventures for young people is the opportunity to visit another country and all that this brings with it. The languages, the different foods, the friednsips, the new experiecnes, (the biggest ice creams ive ever seen….), the ferries and so the list goes on.

Back in 2018 6th Gosport managed to take a large proportion of out young people on one of these amaing adventures, in the form of a activity holiday at Acorn Adventure, Ardres, France. This was an amazing oppertunity for all involved (including us Leaders.) Actvities available were Climbing, SUP, Kayaking, Rafting, Fencing, Canoeing, and Archery, plus so many more. It was amazing!!

We hoped to try and organise a return in Summer 2021… obviously, this is not going to happen, but, watch this space as I’m sure that as soon as we are allowed, something exciting will be happening just around the corner.

Please take a look at a few of our photos from our adventure back in 2018 in the short video below.

………. and, if you fancy being part of the team for our next adventure then please get in touch here.