Parents Hub

This area is designed to give you the links to all the information you need for your child’s journey with 6th Gosport. 

Online Scout Manager

Event and payment management system that is used to sign up for events, pay subs and event fee’s and also you get all the latest event details and information. 

Branded Casual Clothing

Stitch Pettit is a local scouter that provides us with all our branded casual clothing. For example T-Shirts, Polo’s and hoodies etc. Follow this link to the online order form.

6th Gosport Buy & Sell Group

Kids grow… fast….. So we have created this buy and sell group, so we can easily pass on/trade items between the sections. 

Badge Locations

We understand that we are always throwing badges at you and sometimes your dont know where to put these. Well hopefully these diagrams will help.